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Frequently Asked Questions about the Open Call

AMable as a project has a consortium that consists of competence centers, associations and industrial companies. Entities that join AMable through the open calls are named "third parties". They do not become formal members of the consortium but they sign a contract with the coordinator on behalf of the European Commission.

If you have a great idea of a functional product, then you already have the first step. It would be very supportive if you could present a user story to see how your idea will make it into the market. This should also include functional specification and requirements connected to that use case. (for Best Practice Experiments, you will need to include a user in your proposal)

The deadline is June 1st 2019. For more detail such as time and submission channel, please see the guide for applicants.

Yes. There might be cases where one of our competence centers will print critical parts for you. However, if you want to go for an industrial service, then that is fine. Please indicate the cost and make sure that you order at the best price for the service (usually three offers per order to demonstrate market prices - please document the call for tenders process).

No. Please note that the I4MS initiative aims to support SMEs and mid caps. Therefore, the guide for applicants defines that SMEs / midcaps in the supplier / user role are eligible to receive funding.

No. The services are provided by the consortium. Once all proposals are evaluated and prioritised, we will assign resources to the selected ones. This does not need to be calculated by the proposer.

AMable does not aim to replicate existing services. If your product idea needs "normal" milling which is available in industry, you need to put that as cost to your expenses. If you are in doubt, you can contact us or a potential tutor from the consortium before submitting the proposal to clarify the scope of the service.