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AM Stakeholder Workshop March 20th 2018

Multiple actors have joined forces to address Additive Manufcturing challenges at European level.

AMable Coordinator Ulrich Thombansen, Fraunhofer ILT

AM-Motion Coordinator Paula Queipo Rodriguez, PRODINTEC

ADMIRE Coordinator Filomeno Martina, Cranfield University

CLLAIM Coordinator Jorge Huete, CESOL

We now invite you to the AM Stakeholder Workshop on Digital Integration and Skills.

Stakeholders from the manufacturing sector and from industrial associations are asked to identify must urgent issues and most promising directions through this workshop. The one day session will address the following topics:

  • Digital Integration of AM (AMable)
    • Authentication for access to data
      • which levels of security are needed
      • which technologies for identification and credentials are acceptable
      • which challenges need to be solved for end-point installation and maintenance
    • Extension of file formats
      • which are the most important AM requirements for file formats and digital storage
      • which file formats are most promising with respect to user acceptance and extensibility
      • which formats enable connectivity to adjacent stages
    • Connectivity of AM machines
      • which connections do AM machines need to connect to industrial shop floor environments
      • which requirements does additive manufacturing
      • which protocols need to be implemented to integrate AM machines into production environments
  • Skills and Education for AM processes (AM-Motion)
    • which results from the AM Motion surveys can be used to drive future skills development, a strategic vision for AM
    • which level of education needs to be addressed today to avoid shortages in skilled personnel in the near future, skills in AMable, ADMIRE and CLLAIM
    • which curriculae need to be developed and which infrastructure is needed to support skills development, employer needs and scientific education

The workshop will kick off on the evening before with a workshop session on statistics. The aim is to capture some key parameters of the actual state of knowledge so that we can focus next day's work. Please feel free to join this session and start the work through a fruitful exchange on digital integration and skills for AM.

Event Dates and Location

Hotel Recommendation

  • Please understand that we cannot give direct recommendation for specific hotels. For easy transfer to the locations, you should select a hotel in the city center, close to Elisenbrunnen ornear the central railway station.
  • If you intend to use public transport for transport to the ILT, please use lines 3A or 3B which circulate the inner ring to "Campus Melaten". You should get off at "Forckenbeckstra├če". See also this description.


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