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AMable Experience Labs

Discover Additive Manufacturing in real life. We offer AMable Experience Labs at partner sites' so that you can get hands on equipment and machines and learn about AM needs and AM possibilities. Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Additive Manufacturing for functional parts with any material from plastics, ceramics to metals.

Early adopters can visit the Entry-Track that provides an overview about design principles, value creation and implementation challenges. At some facilities, the groups can even go from design to printing of small parts during the Experience Lab program.

The Advanced-Track addresses people that already have printed or designed parts. It looks into tasks such as functional integration, design for build, post processing awareness and specific material challenges. Visitors will return with deep insight into success factors for industrial application.

Both tracks will span a seven hours, some AMable Experience Labs being conducted in two half day sessions, some on a single day program. Please contact the organisers for further details about the events.

AMable Experience Labs by date:




8. August 2019MTC, Coventry; United Kingdom


September 2019CAMT, Wroclaw; PolandEntry
17. September 2019INSPIRE, St. Gallen; SwitzerlandEntry
16. October 2019AIMEN, Porrino; SpainEntry

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