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AMable Digital Data Chain

AMable needs your data - you need the simulation results. And you might not want to load everything into the cloud. A specific implementation of the Industrial Data Space (IDS) that is individually targeted and tailored to the needs of Additive Manufacturing opens up a new solution space.

AMable Industrial Data Space (AMable IDS)

The AMabel Industrial Data Space (IDS) offers a solution for both. Industry grade authentication and hardware based data endpoint security keeps your data where you want it. You control when data is sent to which AMable connector, installed on your premises or at a partner’s premise. That gives you and your customers room to concentrate on your business.

AMable Blockchain (AMable BC)

The AMable connector integrates not only with the Industrial Data Space but also connects you to the world of Blockchain technology in the form of the AMable Blockchain. You can tell your connector to create a digital fingerprint of your data at your premise and links this fingerprint into the AMable Blockchain. As easy as a mouse klick, you can document the existence of your data without showing your data. This process enables you to document without publishing your document.