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Additive for everyone

Sorry, guys. Additive is cool. But additive is not for everyone. When we started, we said "we'll never print for the desktop". In the end - we did. And we strongly believe: that is additive. 

Additive changes your way to produce. Additive changes your way to construct. Additive changes your way to design. And - it changes your way to think ideas. And that is what additive is. It creates change.

See how different the users are and see how different the use cases are. Join the journey.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Most of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that we know use additive manufacturing to close gaps in their product component portfolio. Key advantages are the flexibility in creating one-off components that enable special functions and the price point compared to conventional production of small lot sizes. Typically, these users of additive manufacturing send their component design to either a print-bureau or a job-shop for manufacturability validation and for manufacturing.

We provide a significant speed up of such validation round-trips and we offer knowledge build-up support for people that want to grow their business through additive manufacturing. We call this the "skill-up mode". In this mode, we create a team of experts that will be the tutors on your journey, guiding you around the corners and across the bridges that you need to pass to find the solution to create business with your idea.

Those people that simply want to get things done can buy expert support in the so-called "delivery mode". In this mode, a team of experts is put together to discuss your needs, product requirements and objectives. They will then deliver a solutions to you that allow you to focus on your tasks.


Industrial users of additive manufacturing most often take their journey with a team and a project. People we talk to typically come from the construction department, are well experienced in conventional construction and need to deliver an innovative construction that is based on additive manufacturing. In many cases, their key driver is the price point for the solution, reducing overall cost and evaluating the advantages of the new technology. Other cases envision an implementation of completely new product ideas that address new markets or functions unavailable before.

Wherever their challenge is located, we provide single step support or accompany the full journey with experts that fit your needs.