AMable Overview on Standardisation in AM

Current and evolving standards

This guide lists the standards that are currently out to guide and rule the use of additive manufacturing technologies. It provides an overview that is structured by areas such as design, printing, health, quality and qualification.


AMable Training Booklet

Technologies and Applications

This training booklet provides an overview about additive manfacturing technologies and their associated application areas. It maps these technologies to materials and links to current standards.

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AMable Guide to the Services Offerings

Insight into the offerings of AMable

This guide explains what you will find in the services arena, how it works and what will happen once you enter it.

Guide in PDF Format

AMable Manufacturing Technology Comparison

Compare AM to injection moulding

This flyer compares the manufacturing technologies for a sample part. It shows how additive manufacturing is used for a plastics part and what needs to be done for injection moulding.

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AMable Guide on Handling of Variability

How to foresee variability and respect it even at concept stage

Variability is still a major issue in additive manufacturing. We list influences on the part quality and give ideas on how to address these from early stages of the product evolution down to finishing a part.

Guide in PDF Format

AMable Guide to the Eco-System and Connection

How the AMable Eco-System works and how you can connect

We explain what the offerings inside the AMable Eco System are, what we offer and how you can engage with our experts.

Guide in PDF Format

AMable Guide to Authentication and Security

Guide with background information and tips to secure access to data

Data is key to business. From design to construction, in additive manufacturing data is generated along the product creation process. The people that deal with this data need to understand the threats and how to deal with them. That is why we created a guide that gives an insight into the technology that is available to protect data.

Guide in PDF Format

AMable Guide to Blockchain Applications in Additive Manufacturing

Insight into blockchain functionality and use cases

Blockchain has been discussed a lot in the press. The most prominent application is the bitcoin currency but also other sectors use this technology already. The guide explains a bit of the history, the basic functionality and implementations. All this under the lead question if blockchain is a benefit to additive manufacturing.

Guide in PDF Format

AMable Experiment Success Stories

See how the experiments progress

This document reports about the progress of the experiments. It starts with the challenge that the SMEs see, their starting point and how they develop towards their objectives.

Success Stories in PDF Format

AMable Product Ideas

Product ideas that need additive manufacturing to become alive

AMable supports the development of products that need AM to become alive. This booklet is a line up of the product ideas that receive support from the AMable partners.

Product Ideas in the AMable Services Arena