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We support your ideas

AMable supports you in the bringing your idea to an additively manufactured product. We support technologies from plastics through polymers to metals with our competence centres (CC) that target individual challenges for you. We connect you to the right people if you are a newcomer, enthusiast or if you are an experienced expert.

Business Services

The business service area aims to support your additive manufacturing ambitions from the economic and financial perspective. We assess your product idea with respect to viability and your facilities with respect to existing the equipment, software, and workforce for the manufacture of AM products. As a result, you will receive a plan with recommendations for make-or-buy. We then, if requested, connect you to relevant funding programs or venture capital.

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Production Services

This service area focuses on the efficient and robust production of your products at the required scale. After an assessment of your manufacturing set up with respect to the production of AM components at scale, we create with you a roadmap for implementation of the required infrastructure and skills for an operational production facility that will also meet certification requirements. The service can provide support in assessing the benefit of the introduction of robots as a means of optimising product handling and product quality. As a result, you will be able to proceed with acquisition of the necessary and relevant equipment and workforce to achieve the production targets of your business plan.

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Materials Services

The materials service area will enable you to find suitable materials for AM, considering the applications, handling and processing. It will guide you in selecting or qualifying high-quality materials with respect to properties and recyclability. This service will assist you on choosing materials that will meet the design and mechanical property requirements of your part and enable you to select the appropriate post-processing. If you have a challenging application case where a suitable material cannot be found on the market, our experts will support you in sourcing such a new material.

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Certification Services

The certification service area provides guidance on quality assurance and certification of parts manufactured by additive manufacturing. The scope of this service ranges from defining the route to certification of a machine, a single manufacturing process, an additively manufactured part, up to embracing the entire production facility. Likewise, it will provide alignment with regulations, codes and standards. Our experts support the assessment & validation of current QA practices. As a result, you will know how to setup a quality system in the AM context, how to deal with customers concerned by certification and how to reach an efficient certification.

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Data Services

The data service area provides advice on acquiring, handling and storing data along the whole AM process chain. This covers data that is collected from real-world measurements and used to draw conclusions about the state of materials, processes and parts. As a result of using this service, SMEs will know what data formats are needed and how much storage capacity to expect as well as drawing conclusions on material allowables, process health, inspection results and know about readiness for Quality Assurance requirements.

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Post Processing Services

The post-processing area offers you the guidance on different post-processing technologies for parts manufactured by AM, to bring the AM parts closer to the customers’ specifications. Being the last manufacturing step for AM, this service can assist with  the improvement of mechanical proprieties, surface smoothness and finishing, as well as cosmetic surface treatments for general aspects. This service will support you in processes like Heat Treatments, support removal, Plastic deformation methods, Cleaning & depowdering and also, Inspection. This service will give your customers confidence in your finished product.

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Design Services

This service will provide knowledge to enable the creation of an AM-buildable product. The Design service includes the guidance on AM design methods and DfAM workflow, considering specific design requirements and rules for machinability, manufacture (DfM) and post-processing, for each AM process. The design process may include structural optimisation, design concepts, customisation, modelling and validation techniques, reverse engineering or simply the redesign of a component. The objective is to optimise the design for AM benefits, while minimizing manufacturing risks and to be cost-effective. Preparation of manufacturing instructions including AM technical drawings and the Technical Data Package is comprehended in this service as well.

With this service, it will also be possible to present end results through an immersive design environment. This allows for a pre-assessment of product design and provides the ability to realistically visualize the product. By applying digital design tools, it is possible to predict and display the distortion, surface texture of a built component or assembly.

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Simulation Services

Simulation is valuable in the AM process chain for design validation, buildability assessments and planning for post-processing, for example CNC machining. This service area offers access to state of the art simulation methods and tools for advanced thermo-mechanical analysis of components and systems and prediction of component build distortion together with applying geometry compensation. In addition the service offers the use of photogrammetry for reverse engineering of existing components and comparing built parts to the nominal CAD geometry. As a result, the customer will be able to design their AM parts with confidence in what their functional performance will be and how well they can be manufactured.

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