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Events on AM technologies and training

AMable supports solutions for getting products done with Additive Manufacturing. Please find a list of events on actual topics below.

Skills and qualifications for AM professionals (online)

An Industrial Technology Talk (ITT) on Skills and Qualifications for AM Professionals in the AMable Community

One of the main barriers for scaling up AM at an industrial level is the lack of well-trained and qualified personnel. While AM is being increasingly integrated in higher education curricula, the situation is not the same across the existing workforce. Over the last few years there have been initiatives to address this challenge. One of the most prominent ones is the creation of the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS). In this ITT brought to you by the AMable community, we will have the chance to discuss what skills are needed in the AM market, and how IAMQS can help you build these skills and access qualified personnel for your business.

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