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Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste

AIMEN is a research center in the north of Spain. Its young scientists work on laser-based manufacturing technologies, especially additive manufacturing. They are mainly involved in the services of Robotics for AM and Data Analysis. This is because their strong background on flexible laser- and arc- based robotic manufacturing solutions makes them the ideal partner for laser metal deposition processes (LMD). Their team is interdisciplinary with engineers in the fields of Direct energy deposition processes, robotics, monitoring, embedded control and advanced software processing for AM applications.


Polígono Industrial de Cataboi SUR-PPI-2 (Sector 2) Parcela 3
ES-36418 O Porriño (Pontevedra)

People that will help you

Camilo Prieto Río

Phone +34 986 344 000 Ext. 3215

E-Mail camilo.prieto(at)