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Open Call OC3 is closed!

Thanks so much for sending your ideas on innovative functional parts that need AM to become alive. We have received a huge amount of proposals with interesting topics. It is now the time to sort the proposals and to organise the evaluation. As part of this evaulation, external experts will look at the submissions give us their recommended scores.

Please give us a few days to sort that out. We will inform you shortly.

OC2 brings new challenges into the AMable Services Arena

AMable is starting the experiments from the open call two. Ten experiments are starting and you will see the description soon in the cases section here in our site.

AMable Cases

Engage with AMable

Find opportunities to engage with AMable through collaboration, training or experimentation. AMable works on the extension of file formats and machine connectivity through collaborative work groups and develops training modules to enable companies to skill their employees. Look at the Events section or write us an e-mail to express your interest.

AMable will support European SMEs and mid caps in the uptake of Additive Manufacturing through services and financial support.

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AMable has two groups of stakeholders for an exchange of industrial requirements and feedback to next generation solutions. If you are an equipment supplier or an association, then send us an e-mail to include you in our newsletter and workshops.

Write to projectoffice and get involved!

Open Call - Recorded Web Casts

Recorded of web casts in different languages

Use Cases

AMable is about to run the first experiments with SME suppliers and users. Currently, we have collated some use cases to show examples of innovative products that are enabled through additive manufacturing.