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Current challenges to cope with the COVID-19 effects

We have seen many solutions for creation of protective masks and respirators in the press already. With AMable, we want to support all solution ideas, especially new ones that have not been themed before. Below, a list of propositions from the public.

Challenges that you defined

App to monitor the spread

Monitoring, Control app to provide real-time Covid-19 insights and reduce the spread of the virus. App for government agencies and companies to respond to the threat of Covid 19.

Massimo Buonomo

Spare parts

Production of spare parts or aids using 3D printing from various plastics within a few hours / days.

Protective Materials

Printing protective materials - seeking out volunteers (in Ticino area as well as at national Swiss level)!/projects/stampa-3d-di-maschere-protettive-iniziativa-in-ticino

Rapidly deployable ventilator

Design a Rapidly Deployable Mechanical Ventilator

Diving mask as breathing aid

Adapt scuba diving masks to function as positive pressure protection equipment. When using standard protection masks for long hours, personel is subject to risk of lung flooding due to condensation of water due to the pressure difference caused by the mask.

Pablo Capellán

Handling support devices for industrial machines

Handling and manipulation systems to avoid infection in workplaces.
The goal is to design and develop systems to avoid direct touching of components and surfaces in industrial environments with several workers.

Use 3d printing to support shortages from Asia supplied products

Replace parts previously sourced from Asia or other regions to avoid production stoppages
European industrial manufacturing of many goods can be stopped or delayed due to extended deliverty times of critical components that can be 3D-printed.

Tailor made non-invasive ventilation face mask

Produce a personalized NIV face mask that fits perfectly on the patient's skull, face and nose shapes to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

BBC, Coronavirus: What are ventilators and why are they important?

Tuula Löytty