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AMable Service Arena - Services for additively manufactured products

AMable provides support to SMEs and mid-caps for their individual uptake of additive manufacturing. Across all technologies from plastics through polymers to metals, AMable offers services through the competence centres (CC) that target challenges for newcomers, enthusiasts and experts alike. Grouped along the value chain, four stages guide your idea to delivery.

Concept Stage

The concept stage captures your product idea and supports the development of suitable implementation scenarios. Services like "visualisation" enable you to discuss features and functionalities based on what you see through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies. The AMable business case assessment tool provides an early insight into the economic viability of the envisioned product.

Construct Stage

At the construct stage, experts give you support on simulating product properties such as fluid dynamics or load cases. Topology optimisation as a service stands at the heart of an interlinked holistic approach to ensure the achievement of all expected properties.

Print Stage

Once you have a fully assessed your 3D model, you can print it whereever you like. The print stage supports data preparation and execution of critical  prints. Data acquisition during production tracks progress and specifications.

Finish Stage

Finishing a part makes your part ready for use. If it needs milling or grinding, testing or computer tomography, your specifications at construct stage define the finish line.

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