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Investigate the feasibility of using AM printing to print RF components such as horn antennas and coaxial to waveguide adapters.


Manufacturing radio frequency (RF) components is currently immensely expensive and complicated as components must be made with complex shapes and high requirements for precision. 3D printing holds large potential for creating these complexes structures much cheaper than conventional methods, if requirements for material properties and tolerances can be accommodated.


The challenge:

  • For 3D printed RF-components to be used in QuadSat activities, tolerances of 5% difference in gain and cross polar isolation from off-the-shelf components must be achieved and repeatability of at least 80% success rate.
  • A reduction in price of components by at least 50% of cost or a weight reduction of at least 20%.
  • A structural integrity of the component so as to see no significant degradation of electrical performance after approximately 2 years.


QuadSat (DK)