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3D Printed Cast


Development of a unique 3Dprinted cast which eliminates/reduces the risk of complications to occur during the healing process of fractured bone. CastPrint's solution provides patients with completely customised medical cast and compared to POP (Plaster of Paris) noun pleasant pressure occurs to the traumatised limb due to inflexible fit of cast. With the CastPrint solution the fractured area remains well ventilated, and the skin is not damaged due to the waterproof properties of the cast.

Patients’ visits are reduced by half and at the same time patient treatment is significantly improved with 3D printed casts that are custom made, lightweight, waterproof and ventilating. This system can be integrated in any hospital, without them requiring any significant financial and infrastructure investment.


The challenge:

  • Maintain durability of CastPrint 3D leg casts achilleas mechanism in order to ensure safe rehabilitation from injuries
  • Developing 1 type of mechanism that is deemed to be safe to use and try out in a real-life case.
  • Create a fully functioning 3D printed lower limb cast with size regulation mechanism for CastPrint casts, that can be offered to patients with various fracture related leg injuries.