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3D Printed Thermoplastic Interlayer for Tougher Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites


Create a process that uses Additive Manufacturing to apply very thin layers of thermoplastic material on technical fabrics and more specifically on carbon fabrics. This process will be using a high temperature, high strength thermoplastic to 3D print patterns onto the fabric surface at the micron level.


The challenge:

  • Development of an innovative, customized sub-process for high temperature thermoplastic 3D printing on top of technical fabrics.
  • Quality assessment of sub-processes developed in objective 1 and technical evaluation of sub-products.
  • Assemble and Integrate a Prototype Module to produce FabricThermoPrint   textiles and set process requirements for quality assurance
  • Development and Extensive Evaluation of an advanced multifunctional textile product with significantly enhanced strength, which will target on light-weight structures applications