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3D printed custom modular architecture and civil engineering models based on Virtual Reality technologies


The final output of this project is a 3D printed puzzle of possibilities allowing the general public to choose a given configuration suggested by city planners. This will allow the implication and the vote of different configurations, allowing also to better understand and visualize architectural city projects and eventually collect information that was not possible to collect before.


The challenge:

  • Establish 3D puzzles of variations of different architectural projections and configurations in order to obtain one of our goals: 3D printed modular planification.
  • Minimize the costs in order to provide low-cost 3Dprinted parts to the end-users.
  • Optimize the best printing position in order to avoid support structures.
  • Reduce the printing time and the post-processing of the printed parts which in return will reduce the costs.


EPIK (SPRL) - Belgium


ICNC – Belgium