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A novel multi-purpose industrial dryer has been designed. This dryer has three key characteristics, a low-CAPEX design, a high thermal ‘multi-effect-drying’ efficiency and the ability to power the dryer using residual heat. Key multifunctional parts in the design are envisioned to be 3D printed (FDM) since their complex geometry is difficult to machine otherwise. Components will be used 24/7 in hot (80-90°C) and humid environments while subject to mechanical and abrasive loads.

The challenge:

  • Develop FDM printed machine parts that can function 24/7 @ 80-90°C, 90-100% Rel. Humidity and withstand abrasive load of tumbling matter.
  • Identify suitable FDM materials.
  • Test materials in dedicated endurance test set-ups and prototypes.
  • Optimize design and printing procedure for selected filaments aiming at cost effective part production on industrial scale.