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NIMAS aims to produce an airtight, submersible underwater camera housing through additive manufacturing. This will allow for an application optimized design specifically for monitoring of aquaculture fish farms.


Aquaculture is becoming an increasingly popular solution for resolving food shortages due to depleting wild fish stocks. However, this industry is in desperate need of innovation in order to keep up with global demands for seafood. NIMAS is a device for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Aquaculture Systems that helps fish farmers optimize their production by having real-time monitoring of their fish colonies. The scope of the experiment will involve producing a submersible, hermetic camera housing using additive manufacturing.

The challenge:

  • To produce an underwater camera housing with additive manufacturing that achieves IP68 ingress protection rating.
  • Achieve hermetic sealing of the camera housing under hydrostatic pressure at a depth of 10m.
  • Utilize additive manufacturing to integrate features in order to reduce parts, complexity and costs of the design.
  • Design and manufacture a device that is optimized through AM to minimize buoyancy.
  • Establish manufacturing and quality control practices for the AM production of the NIMAS device.