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Open Call for Solution Ideas (COVID-19)

People in our world are threatened by the COVID-19 virus and effects that arise from infections and illnesses. AMable aims to support ideas that help against shortages in products, problems in medical care and other issues that affect our social life and the economic environment. And we do this in two steps:

  1. We ask for the definition of challenges where additive manufacturing can apply its potential. Once we have collected a number of high impact challenges, we will publish these as "challenge-sets"
  2. We will then call for your proposal of a "solution idea" to those one challenge from the "challenge-set". The proposal needs to be short - only about two pages, and it will need to be submitted within two weeks.

The selection of such proposals will be done quickly and support of up to 10.000 Euros will go to the applicant to experiment on the realisation of the "solution idea". Experts from the consortium will actively support the activity to jump start and accelerate the work.

This call opens on April 1st 2020 and will close on October 1st 2020.

"Challenge sets" will be published regularly on this page while the call is open. These publications of the "challenge sets" will define the submission date and the precise application procedure per challenge.

Guide for Applicants

Open Call for Product Idea Pitches (PIP1)

Write one page and win a seat in an AMable Experience Lab

Ever visited an AMable Experience Lab? These events are a great opportunity to learn about additive manufacturing. Experts give an insight into design and construction topics so that you can see how to solve challenges. Based on these talks, you get an insight into practical solutions from simulation across materials down to post processing. And - it is a great place to discuss ideas with others. You present your case and you will get inspiring feedback.

Pitch your product idea. Win support for travel and expenses to join an AMable Experience Lab of your choice.

Guide for Applicants

Attachment to the guide for applicants

Template Contract

OC4 just closed.

The fourth call for proposals closed on March 1st. We have seen a number of submissions and will assign them to external evaluators now. Stay tuned for the results.

OC3 proposals evaluated!

All OC3 proposals have been evaluated. We are loking forward to support another 15 teams on their path to a functional part that needs AM to become alive.

OC2 Experiments are being contracted.

Soon all experiments from OC2 will be contracted. Stay tuned, we will inform you about the topics and the partners that are involved in these experiments. Interesting challenges from medical to aquatic. The line expands!

OC1 Experiments up and running!

The first experiments from the 2018 call for proposals have been implemented. Have a look at their stories here:

Stories of the OC1 Experiments