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Call for Proposals

AMable calls for proposals that bring forward an innovative idea of functional products that needs Additive Manufacturing (AM) to become real. The call aims to enable SMEs to take up AM with the help of financial support and AMable Services. These services target at support and upskilling of employees in the areas of design for AM, technology development, skills and education and to support their business development.

Call Facts (please find the details in the guide for applicants below)

  • Call Identifier: AMable OC 3
  • Submission Deadline: 01.11.2019 1700 Brussels time
  • Estimated Budget: 450.000 Euros
  • Eligibility: SME's and mid-caps from the European Union
  • Experimentation types: Feasibility Studies (short time frame, low TRL) and Best Practice Experiments (higher TRL)
  • Experimentation teams: SME in the supplier role, for Best Practice an SME or mid-cap in the user role is needed
  • Experimentation: Innovative idea of a functional product that needs AM to be come alive

Please find the following documents to prepare your proposal:

guide for applicants

FSTP contract template

proposal template best practice experiment

proposal template feasibility study experiment

Please revisit this page before submission to check for updates of the above documents or additional information that guides you to a successful application.

In case of questions and for the submission, please mail to the oc3 mailbox

If you would like to discuss your idea with one of our mentors, please mail to mentors

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