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AMable Innovative Product Ideas

Experiments that challenge people and additive manufacturing technologies


The Individual Accordion

A dutch team has set the challenge to print accordions with individual size for young and individual musicians behind the instrument.


Medical Assistive Devices

A team from Greece and Italy has teamed up to create individual, antimicrobial and super-hydrophobic medical support devices.


Conformal Cooling Inserts

Partners from Austria and Italy have teamed up to create conformal cooling inserts by a new process called lithographical metal AM.


Outdoor Sensor Enclosures

Expert designers and users from Spain have teamed up to create cheap and individual but rugged sensor enclosures for challenging conditions.



Rugged Flying Coolers

A French / Spanish team takes the challenge to create light and small heat exchangers that sustain vibrations and shocks during the flight.


Featherlight Head Protection

A team from Spain aims to create head protection devices with enhanced safety while being lighter and providing an individual fit.


Titanium Direct Parts

A group from the Netherlands aims to reduce waste by making parts directly from the titanium wire to the final shape of their product.

AMable Use Cases

AMable has set out to support the uptake of AM in industry. With a clear focus on SMEs and mid caps in Europe, AMable develops a set of services that are offered on a case by case basis. During ramp-up, the AMable consortium tests its services against a set of challenges to initialise the service eco-system. With the first open call, AMable will serve such cases as displayed here:

Suspension Component

LMS and Formula Student developing a suspension component.

Vinyl Disk Cartridge

DTI and Ortofon A/S developing a new AM based catridge for vinyl lovers!

Customer: Ortofon A/S

Hydraulic Block

Development and production of an optimised hydraulic block.

Customer: HINE Co.